Band Album Song min KB
Anathema Serenades Sleepless 3:5735,4
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast Thirteen Autumns and a Widow 7:0786,0
Destruction Infernal Overkill Invincible Force 4:1153,7
Eisregen Leichenlager Schwarze Rose 5:0127,8
Godflesh Slavestate Slavestate 3:5743,0
Pure Spite 4:3333,8
Mothra 4:2727,3
Selfless Body Dome Light 5:2735,5
Songs of Love and Hate Wake 4:0730,2
Hunter 4:3934,0
Mekong Delta Pictures at an Exhibition Il vecchio castello 3:5116,2
Limoges: Le marché 3:0232,6
Misery Loves Co. Misery Loves Co. The Only Way 3:3243,9
Samael Passage Rain 4:0149,9
Slayer Show No Mercy Show No Mercy 2:5141,2
Reign in Blood Angel of Death 4:4778,5
Piece by Piece 2:0435,2
Criminally Insane 2:1939,4
Raining Blood 3:5352,4
Divine Intervention Dittohead 2:3347,3
Serenity in Murder 2:3236,3
Undisputed Attitude Verbal Abuse / Leeches 1:5426,5
Violent Pacification 2:3730,2
Live Intrusion Witching Hour 2:5643,0
Voïvod Nothingface The Unknown Knows 5:4447,7
Astronomy Domine 5:3259,6
X-Ray Mirror 4:2439,0
Pre-Ignition 5:0958,9
A Tribute to Venom In League with Satan 3:2529,3
Negatron Nanoman 4:5644,9