ADePT Download

There are two editions of ADePT. One is for people who want to play adventure games written with ADePT. The other is for people who like to create own adventure games. For the content of the different editions, see the documentation.

Download Description Version Date KB
ADePT - Player edition The engine to play adventure games. 1.22 10.02.2004 389
ADePT - Developer edition The compiler to create adventure games. 1.22 10.02.2004 165
ADePT - Player documentation HTML documentation for ADePT (player edition). 1.22 10.02.2004 46
ADePT - Complete documentation HTML documentation for ADePT. 1.22 10.02.2004 143
ADePT - Toolkit Get all of the above in one.   10.02.2004 695

Version history.

Additional tools and goodies

Some additional tools and goodies for ADePT that may be useful.

Download Description Version Date KB
ADePT - Tools Auxiliary developing tools (for icons/cursors). 1.2 15.12.2003 27
ADePT - True type font The font of the adept logo. 1.0 15.12.2001 9


If you want to create ADePT games yourself, you will probably like the ConTEXT editor. It has many features useful for programming including keyword highlighters and code templates. You may use the extensions of ConTEXT I made for the Adventure Language.