Legal Terms



The Adventure Developing and Playing Toolkit (ADePT) is copyrighted by Ralf Sesseler. This encloses all program code and all other files (except from the external code listed below) as well as the Simple Item Language (Silly) and the Adventure Language (Al).

External Code

ADePT uses the following external code, which fall under the copyright terms of their authors respectively:


The copyright of the games provided for download on this site belongs to their authors respectively.

Usage and Distribution


The usage of ADePT for private purposes is for free. For a commercial or other non-private usage or distribution, a written permission of the author is needed. The distribution is allowed only without fee and only for unchanged and complete program packages.


Adventures written with/for ADePT may be distributed for free, if they are made for entertainment only. Publishing games with commercial or other content that is not purely entertaining as well as distributing games commercially is only allowed with the written permission of the author. The games provided on this site for download may be distributed only without fee and only unchanged and complete.

Commercial Usage

Requests for a commercial usage of ADePT are welcome and may be addressed to


The usage of ADePT and games played with ADePT is on your own risk.