ADePT Games

Here are the games. If you want to contribute your own game written for ADePT, mail to

Note: To play the games, you also need to download the Adventure Engine!

Game Description L. Author Version KB Info
4 Colours The first adventure game I completely developed myself. Quite small, but with rendered graphics and lots of puzzles. E Ralf Sesseler 15.12.2001 961 Screenshot Solution
Mission Asteroid A remake of the apple ][ adventure by Roberta Williams. Save the earth by destroying the asteroid in time. E Roberta Williams
(Ralf Sesseler)
15.12.2001 265 Screenshots Solution
Voodoo A dark adventure based on the King Diamond album Voodoo. Defend the Voodoo cult against disbelievers. D,E,I Ralf Sesseler 28.10.2002 3093 Screenshots Review (D) Review (E) Solution (D) Solution (E) Solution (NL) Solution (I)
Demos A collection of small demos to show the capabilities of ADePT and how to program them with the Adventure Language (includes code). E Ralf Sesseler 15.12.2003 731  
Player Character Demo A demo how to use a player character (includes code). E Ralf Sesseler 15.12.2003 1652  
Tutorial A tutorial to learn the creation of adventure games for ADePT. Explains implementing a game in 14 steps based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. E Ralf Sesseler 15.12.2003 319