Adventure Developing and Playing Toolkit

ADePT Game Interface


ADePT is a toolkit to play adventure games and to develop adventures yourself. In an adventure game, you have to explore an unknown world, solve several puzzles, and experience a story as the main actor.

The game interface of ADePT adheres to the traditional point and click metaphor. You can use several tools to explore and manipulate the different scenes simply by pointing and clicking at the regions of the scene with your mouse. Take objects and store them in the inventory for later use. Talk to other characters and take track of your progress in the diary.

The language to create adventure games follows the way adventure games are played. Games are rather described than programmed. The main concepts of the language are the same as in the game interface: scenes, regions, dialogs, objects, and their manipulation by the player using tools.

For more information, have a look at the documentation or download the toolkit and some games or the demos and play.


Game playing interface:

Game developing language:

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